Hair Care

Join us as we pilot natural shampoo and conditioner! For those of you who WANT to go natural, but can't quite commit to the bar yet--this is for you! 

The Winter House liquid shampoos and conditioners are:

• sulfate free
• SLS free
• SLES free
• Paraben free
• Cruelty free (duh)

16 oz bottles are for $20 each. The 15 rated BEST Organic shampoos and conditioners begin at $32 for 8 oz so...it's a deal on an amazing, clean product. Shopping closer to home? At the local hair cut joints, you can buy 9 oz for $24.

💦Durable waterproof labels wrap these amber bottles with a gold cap. (Shampoo is a pump cap, conditioner, a squeeze cap). And the best part? You only have to buy the bottle once. 16 oz refills are just $12! That's a TON of incredible hair care at a better price than you see on the shelves.

Winter House shampoo and conditioners come in the following scents:

• Peppermint & Shea Butter
~ Shea butter has natural water binding properties that help attract moisture to your scalp, acting as a natural moisturizer and taming "fly aways"🫒🌿

• Lavender Green Tea & Honey
~ This beauty softens and hydrates hair with coconut oil and lavender to help "seal" the folical, making hair shinier and stronger. 🥥🍵

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