Oil Blends

From our room diffuser collection and insect repellent, to our massage oils and beard oils, The Winter House has dedicated itself to oil blends to suit your every need.  We dare you to not love every single one!Our Winter House family of oil diffuser blends! Safe enough to use on skin (which is NOT what other diffuser oils say...if you cant put it on your skin, how can your lungs by safe🤭). I use all of them as perfume, in the diffusers, and for some added drops in the tub! You can also add to a spray bottle as a room freshener!

• Cold & Allergy

• Winter Day

• Vanilla Bean & Lavender

• Lice Prevention Blend

• Insect Repellent (not pictured, but AWESOME in a dedicated outside diffuser in lieu on a stinky headache-inducing citronella candle)

...and introducing....

• Winter Nights--a crazy-warm soothing blend of frankincense, cedar wood and sandalwood (delish on him too!!)

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