The Winter House --Reiki Healing

Reiki is an ancient yet simple healing technique. It has been found to produce profound results all through gentle touch, positive mindsets, and energy transfer. Reiki has endless advantages and can often be found to promote emotional healing, balance energy and create a place for spiritual development.

A Reiki Healing Treatment takes about one hour and is primarily a relaxation process technique which occurs with the recipient fully clothed. While Reiki has endless benefits to those who practice it, here (listed) are a few of its benefits: 

  • Relax tension in the body
  • Break down energy blocks
  • Promote healing and well-being
  • Balance emotions
  • Improve sleep
  • Balance the mind, body and spirit
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Cleanse toxins
  • Support the immune system
  • Help spiritual growth



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