Chakra Prisms and Cones
Chakra Prisms and Cones
Chakra Prisms and Cones
Chakra Prisms and Cones
Chakra Prisms and Cones

Chakra Prisms and Cones

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Note:  Orgones are made individually.  Please allow 2 weeks to complete the order.

Chakra Orgone Pyramids and Cones:

 crown chakra

amethyst: stone of spiritual protection and purification; protects against lower energies

third eye chakra

lapis lazuli: stone promoting better decision making, inner truth, and self expression 

throat chakra

turquoise: protection and healing stone fostering wholeness, serenity, spiritual grounding, awareness of truth. {P.S. When I am feeling apprehensive about a situation or a day, you will ALWAYS find me wearing my turquoise bracelet for protection.}

heart chakra

aventurine crystal quartz: stone of vitality, opens and stimulates heart to healing and stability, soothes emotions

solar plexus chakra

tiger's eye: solar stone of power, personal strength, courage, and will

sacral chakra

carnelian: balance, prosperity, reproduction, creativity, emotional balance

root chakra

red jasper: stone of empowerment, resistance to domination by others, used to cleanse and balance, connectedness to earth,  courage and recovery. 

Chakra Orgone Pyramids come in small and large. Chakra Orgone Prisms come in one size.

Small Orgone Pyramids are approximately 2.5" tall and 2.5" at across the base.

Small Orgone Prisms are approximately 2.5" tall and 2" at the base.

Large Orgones Pyramids are approximately 2.5" tall and 4" at the base.

Care and maintenance: Be sure to “charge” orgones every month in outdoor sunlight for about 10 minutes.  If a thunderstorm pops up, origins LOVE the energy of rain--feel free to pop it outside for about 10 minutes.  Piece will “yellow” slightly if stored in direct sunlight.  Indirect sunlight is best.  If your piece rests only in artificial light (also perfectly acceptable--especially since orgones are so beneficial around energy of devices like computers and phones), then “charge” twice a month.