Comfort Tea

Comfort Tea

The Winter House

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THE WINTER HOUSE is pleased to share with you our House blend: a cuppa Comfort. Made with Rooibos (pronounced: ROY bos) Tea and blended with chamomile, calendula flowers, and lavender, a cuppa Comfort is the perfect complement to the end of a long day. Rooibos Tea is gathered from the Aspalathus linearus plant which is grown in South Africa and is not truly a tea, but rather an herb. The rooibos plant has a slightly red tint, making its derivative commonly referred to as "red tea". Rooibos tea soothes stomach cramps, calms seasonal allergies, and helps alleviate headaches and insomnia.

A cuppa Comfort is a decaffeinated blend rich in antioxidants and made only with certified organic ingredients.

6-pack of organic paper tea bags--$5