September Bundle
September Bundle
September Bundle

September Bundle

The Winter House

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🌻The September Bundle🌱

Each month this year, I am offering a monthly bundle from The Winter House and this is how it works👇

On the 15th of every month, I will announce the following month's bundle. It will be available for pre-purchase from the 15th through the end of the month and will ship (or be ready for pick up) on the 1st. 

The bundle comes in this darling kraft box and will contain your goodies inside. Products will be a mix of beloved items, new items, favorite returning items and seasonal items. All the fun stuff!! 

Some products are not ever sold individually--only in the Bundle. These are my favorite projects, really--the ones that let me spread my creative wings and gauge which products might find a permanent home at The Winter House some day. I am so excited for you to come along for the ride! 

The 15th of this month, however, is the first day of school--and Mrs. Mudd will be very busy indeed! So September's Bundle rollout is coming today! 

The September Bundle is a doozy--and welll worthy of its inaugural status. At just $24, it contains the 4 following items:

• Hydrating Night Cream

• Lavender & Eucalyptus Shower Steamer

And introducing...🎉😁🎉

• Rose Quartz Moisturizing Body Butter 

• African Black Facial Soap --excellent for oily, acne prone and combination skin. If your skin runs dry, you can still enjoy its antioxidant effects, just make sure you moisturize well after using (hence the Night Cream😉)