September Soap Bundle
September Soap Bundle
September Soap Bundle

September Soap Bundle

The Winter House

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Soap Subscriptions are one of our top selling items, but many people don't want the hard-commit of 3, 6, 9, 12 months. Or, they have looked at the soaps in upcoming months and aren't feelin' it.

So...we present...the monthly soap bundles! Not as stupendous of of deal price wise and the subscriptions--but still an excellent value over retail price you! And you don't miss out on these limited edition soaps!

Bundles will need to be purchased prior to the end of the month. Bundles purchased by the 10th will ship the 15th. Bundles purchased after will ship asap. 

Four soap items for only $22...and you don't have to remember a thing! They will arrive on your doorstep!

The September Soap Bundle features the following:

  • Apple Sage
  • Raspberry Espresso
  • Whiskey Barrel (not pictured)
  • Maple Pecan Scrub
Interested in the soaps for October as well? Check out the blog "Fall y'all!" for more information!