Summer Afternoon
Summer Afternoon
Summer Afternoon
Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon

The Winter House

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I truly have such a fascination with dried flowers as ingredients in my products. Live flowers cannot go into soap because the living enzymes will burn (literally turn black/brown) in the heat of cold-process soap.

Heat, you say? Cold process soap? It sounds counter-intuitive, but it's TRUE.
You cook cold process soap and as it COOLS it is cured. Thus, the process is based on soap getting colder.

I have always wanted to use dried stems in soap, not just petals. These stems are from a flower bouquet I found on Maggie's floor after her choir program. Not hers, they were actually her friend Genevieve's. But they were limpy when I found them three days later. I hung them upside down in the garage and there they stayed.

"Are those Genevieve's dead flowers?" She asked.

"Yes." I patted them encouragingly. "And they will live on to be something beautiful again."

"I love you," was her only response. 

The scent is Summer Afternoon. It's a popular scent in lotion. Sweet. Made of acai oil, honeysuckle, orange, lemon and spearmint.