Winter House Soap Subscriptions

Winter House Soap Subscriptions

The Winter House

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Gift your friends and loved ones a soap subscription from the Winter House.  Order today and, each month, 4 cakes of soap will arrive at your door without any work or thought.  All you have to do in enjoy--we take care of the rest!   

Each soap is handcrafted using natural skin-loving ingredients to keep you feeling fresh and moisturized.  Soap subscriptions begin at $21.00 per month (plus tax) for 3 months which is a savings of 10% off the retail price PLUS free shipping! Lengthier subscriptions will see a larger savings.

Subscriptions come in a variety of time increments, from 3 months to 12 months.  The cost is as follows: 

3 months/12 soap bars -- $63.00 {$5.25 per bar}

6 months/24 soap bars -- $122.00 {$5.08 per bar}

9 months/36 bars -- $180.00 {$5.00 per bar}

12 months/48 bars -- $230.00 {$4.79 per bar}

You may choose to pay upfront for the entire subscription, or use Shop Pay (at checkout) to pay over time.  

No fuss.  Worry free.