5G: Mother Nature vs. Mother Invention

5G.  It concerns me. 

It’s radiation.  It's not the kind of radiation that can potentially damage calls---like x- and gamma rays.  The 1- 2- 3- 4Gs of the communications world are non-ionizing radiation which is--as far as we know--too weak to break chemical bonds.  Other non-ionizing radiation with frequencies lower than UV are visible light, infrared, radio waves, FM radio, and Wi-Fi also falls into this range. According to research, microwaves are the lone exception: non-ionizing but able to damage tissue, they’re precisely and intentionally tuned to resonate with water molecules.  But...5G.  It concerns me.  We will all be pulled a long by progress, here.  Even if you try to un-choose the choice, it will still be around you.  It's A LOT. 

Scientists state that, "1G, 2G, 3G and 4G use between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequency. 5G uses between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency,” and then asserts that “Within the RF Radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the higher the frequency, the more dangerous it is to living organisms.”

 To be fair, they go on to concede that, "But asserting that the higher frequency is more dangerous is just that—an assertion, and there’s little real science to stand behind it. 5G remains non-ionizing in nature." And that is all the further we are supposed to think about it. 

 But I do think about it.  I think about it A LOT. 

 A while back I did a video about our Winter House sunBLOCK.  In the video, I related the information that--in layperson's terms--sunSCREEN uses chemicals to break down the UVB light once it hits your skin so that it can, theoretically, do no damage.  (Most of the sun's damage is done by UVA light, though, which sunscreen doesn't do a whole lot to address--but that's a problem for another day.) 

I don't like chemicals anyway, and try to steer clear of them in life and in my Winter House products.  Hence the reason I make sunBLOCK--not sunscreen. SunBLOCK uses minerals (zinc oxide) to shatter the UV rays before they even reach the skin. 

Ever notice how most of the FACE sun products are sunblock?  That's why. The facial skin is more sensitive--so if you want to bring out the big guns--bring out the block. 


Think about a crystal--we know that is can scatter light waves into a rainbow, right?  We see with the naked eye if the light is coming through at a certain angle, but it's happening even when we can't see it. 


Again and again, we see that things provided to us by Mother Earth: minerals, plants, oils--THESE things.  These things have such power against the myriad things in our modern world which can harm us. I have so many friends who call me a hippie.   But ways to stay whole and healthy--I want those things. For me. For my family. And for my customers. 


And minerals.  I think about them A LOT.  They have such strength. They are not Western medicine, no.  They are not the cure--but they can be prevention. And we all know the adage:  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Enter:  Orgone Energy.  Orgone in simply a name for a life force energy.  Chi, Prana, etc. Orgone pyramids and cones are made with a ratio blend of resin, quartz, minerals (found in stones), and metals.  Organic materials (resin) attract and hold orgone while non organic materials (metal) attract and repel. Quartz gives off a charge under pressure, and being trapped inside that resin (which expands as it hardens) puts constant pressure on the quartz. This constant attract and repel motion creates a kind of "scrubbing" of the energy field, while the charge from the crystal cleans stagnant and negative energy.  What is also happening is that the minerals inherent in rocks, stones and minerals are doing the same thing they did waaaaayyyyyy up in that sunblock. Scattering the UV-and-lowers waves before they reach the skin, the cells, the body.  


An overabundance of energy from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) is known to generate rather common complaints: irritation, headaches, anxiety, poor sleep--we know all this.  That’s why we began researching them. It isn’t new. None of it is. Old as time. We found doctors who had “orgone chambers” for their cancer patients. Crazy--maybe? But then why did the government burn his research and destroy his chambers?   Well that’s a good question. It’s as good as asking any question. As good as asking yourself how you are supposed to actually believe that 5G--a system that takes our homes from “between 1 to 5 gigahertz frequency” then jump up to “between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency” is not going to have an effect.  A five HUNDRED percent increase and the very, very least. And it’s not going to have an effect? I’m not a scientist, I get that.  But I get to ask questions. I get to use my common sense. What about the cumulative effect of overload? Questions are, after all, not dangerous things.  They are only the search for knowledge.  


At the Winter House--I like the search.  I like to know that rosemary oil helps bruising, that rose clay is really good for your face, that minerals are better for scattering UV light and that sunBLOCK is actually more recommended in study after study.  I like knowing what to do with nature and I like helping other people do the same.   


As for me?  I will keep making these orgone pyramids.  I will keep making this sunblock. I will keep doing my very best to be the best, and bring the best to my family and to you and yours.  If my suppositions seem hippie-crazy to you, and you believe the cell phone companies telling you that a 90 gigahertz frequency is non-problematic, right now and into the cumulative future, then smile at my hippie ways and go on with your day.  Peace be with you.  


But if you think maybe….possibly?...my research made a bitty-bit of sense, follow the link.

Feel free to reach out.  Ask questions. Read, research.  We have orgones all over the house--simply because we make them.  But there is no reason you can’t have our same level of safety. One is fine--you don’t need them everywhere.  Just charge outside in the open air--in the sunlight, moonlight, or in a thunderstorm--for about 20 minutes about once a month.  

 Peace out, fellow. hippies.  






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