Calm Balm- Deep Relief
Calm Balm- Deep Relief
Calm Balm- Deep Relief

Calm Balm- Deep Relief

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Oh, Calm Balm...you irresistible ol' thing!  The search for the most useful product has come to it's end--->Calm Balm.  It's here.  

Calm Balm combines a blend of beneficial topical oils to create a product every household can positively not be without.  Our black 2 oz tins are filled with enough product to last you and your family an age!  

Calm Balm soothes muscle aches by applying a small amount to skin to provide topical relief of burns, minor cuts, dry skin, irritated skin and so much more!  For muscle and chronic aches, apply a liberal amount to area, massage for deep relief.  

Did you know many topical relief formulas contain SO MANY ingredients in lip balm and beard balm...it's TRUE!  Apply as needed to those areas as well! 

I'm not kidding---your house needs CALM BALM.  Try it today!


Allergy patch test recommended.

Not intended to diagnose or treat disease.

Recommended for adults.