And now. A moment of context.
I constantly see the number 6-24. And I constantly comment on seeing the number 624. In fact, Dan jokes that the only reason he knows my birthday is June 24th is that I comment on the time every time it appears on the clock.  
It is my birthday, as you may know. 6/24. Me and John the Baptist. I also frequently see 616 and 623. It comes in waves.
About 2 years ago, Mags said to me that a friend told her that these could be angel numbers. Heavily based in numerology, they also correspond with an old religious belief. That angels cannot communicate in traditional terms, so they most frequently communicate in the form on numbers which you notice repeatedly in your life. 
Number 624 is a blend of the energies and attributes of number 6 and number 2, and the vibrations of number 4. Number 6 resonates with honesty and integrity and love of home and family. Number 2 brings its attributes of insight and intuition, faith and trust, finding balance and harmony, adaptability and reliability, co-operation and diplomacy, pursuing your Divine life purpose and soul mission, and service to others. Number 4 resonates with honesty and integrity, hard work and responsibility, traditional values, effort, diligence and determination to achieve goals. Number 4 also relates to the energies of the Archangels.
Angel Number 624 asks you to believe in yourself and your skills, talents and abilities. Have faith and trust in your angels and ask for their guidance and assistance whenever you need it. To believe that you are on the right path. And you have all your need for your journey. And sometimes the number changes. Sometimes it shifts as life shifts. And then returns. 
Once Mags and I heard this... we kept seeing it everywhere. For years, Mags and I have sent pictures of it to each other. On toilet paper packages in the grocery store. On exercise equipment. On assignments in a math book. And it lit our path on the way to our dreams. And we are still on our way. 
When it came to this tattoo, though, we felt strongly that a number tattooed on skin was not a comfortable, nor respectful thing. Culturally and historically. So, on the same day about 6 months ago, we both had the same thought--let's make it a symbol. Artistic in its way. I had a thought to connect them, a throwback to a family tattoo of friends of ours in Rhode Island.
Maggie came up with the final design. And if you look, you can see the overlap of each of the three numbers. The 2 comes out of the 6. The 4 becomes the backbone of the two. Life begets life. The dot was Maggie's addition--that we should always remember it began as a date. 
It's entrance in our life was the significance of my birthday. It's continuance in our lieves lights our way. It's acknowledgement in our lives comes on her birthday. 
Full circle. 
As she and I are. 
As you and I are. 
As we all are.

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