a believer

I'm a believer. A believer in many things. I believe in keeping your mind and heart open. I believe science does not contradict faith. I believe in a holy water cross above the doors and windows and St. Michael the Archangel. And I also believe in sage in the corners and little pyramids to clear the energy.

I believe in the energy of people. I believe you can feel a lie in your solar plexus. I believe hugs can heal the soul. I believe you should guard your thoughts.

I believe some people have a devil they carry on their back and too many gods to serve. I also believe they don't realize it and they might need a little help.

I believe in the power of cleaning your space and that clutter and too many knick knacks screw up the chi in any room. I believe loving yourself makes you peaceful but loving others makes for effervescent joy.

And if one day I should go down. And I should find that none of this believing was worth a hill of beans.

I will still believe I lived far more blissfully to have shared all this nonsense, then to have been too smart to believe it and to have shared nothing.

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