a prayer to the saints

Me: I said a prayer a couple weeks back to St. Francis of Assisi to ask if he could help Chloe start going to the bathroom again in her litterbox.

Dan: Oh?

Me: He's the patron saint of pets and animals, you know. And she has done it EVER SINCE!

Dan: Oh, yeah?

Me: Yes! The saints like it when you deliver them specific tasks, babe.

Dan: I don't think it really works like that.

Me: "More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of," so says Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and so say I.

Dan: Then. I would like a dollar. Many dollars. A dollar from all of them. And then I will give someone else a dollar.

Me: Pay it forward...

Dan: ...I would like to be at the top of a pyramid scheme...

Me: I'm pretty sure the saints don't answer any prayer with the word "scheme" in it.

Dan is not as church-ey as me. Never with the random saint facts. But I love that he still jumps with both feet into every conversation I start.🧡

~ October 2020

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