accomp'ny me

In my classroom we have helpers. And two of my helpers, one boy and one girl, are in charge of...oh, I don't know. Odd jobs, we'll call them.
A message to the office.
Can you erase the board?
A lunchbox down the hall. Yesterday, I asked them to do a job and it was really a one person job. But the boy? He wanted to help.

I said, "That's fine. You can accompany her."

"A what?" He asked.

"Accompany her."

"Umm..." he turned to go back to his desk.
"Bob Seger." I said. "He sings a song called 'You'll Accompany Me'. Like that. Walk with her. Accompany her."

"Oh--" he glanced at her; she glanced at me, "...kay."

And so another year begins. Another year of students having no real idea what I'm talking about ...but being cheerful enough to play along anyway.

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