an "aunt" problem

If I could possibly convey to you how hilarious it was to have my aunts and mom "work" my booth at the Farmers & Artists Market this weekend, I would.

If I even had the words to describe them "surprising me" today, it would be incredibly entertaining.

If you were a market vendor and knew how many more visitors you have when there is a Sister in a habit at your vendor tent, you would go out and hire one immediately.

She would invite people walking along the main drag--people who would ordinarily ignore you--and they would be drawn by her gravitational pull.

If you would have been there to see how many people died laughing when I said my life was currently like that GEICO commercial, "We have an aunt problem," I say as I point to the "aunts" behind my hand🤚👈

Did my mom and aunts sell the products correctly? I'm not actually sure.

{Aunt: ...and this is goat's milk cheese...
Me: No. It isn't. It's goat's milk soap.}😆

"SOLD OUT!" They would say, (truimphant!) when yet another row of soaps or lotions disappeared off the table and into the bags and purses of market shoppers.

I'm not sure they said the right things. I'm not sure they mentioned the right ingredients at first. But eventually I had so many people to talk to that I couldn't really monitor them or their sales pitch.

And if you could have seen how they sold the rose clay properties in Rose Clay soap, you would have smiled so deeply. If you could have seen how people couldn't resist them, it would have put a smile in your heart.

If you could have seen how they laughed when my aunt Lou sold the eye cream by taking off her sunglasses and proclaiming, "I use it every day, and I just turned 120!"

And the olive oil--well, they weren't leaving without Mom telling them allllllll about the aroma and the fresh herbs...and then buying one. Shameless, I say. Shameless salespersons!

I mean...I sold a lot of stuff today. But I sold laughter more than anything else and Sister Stephanie bartered a lot of prayers😅 (which she will ABSOLUTELY make good on!)

But if you could have seen all that Belgeri-girl business in action you wouldn't have stayed away either. So thank you to my co-sellers. To my mom for NOT surprising me and my "aunt" problem. It was was sunny, funny glorious afternoon!

[To understand the GEICO joke reference, copy/paste this link! https://youtu.be/0uZ7PG3YPuM]

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  • So funny so dear so much love

    Shelley Carr

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