A little while ago, my friend Jamie came to me with a thought.
"You should make a dry seasoning with all the seasonings that are in Pop Pop's Olive Oil."

And when I relayed that message to Dan, he said, "That's what Pop Pop's Garlic & Herb blend is."

Well--to be fair--he may not have said all those words. And he certainly wouldn't have referred to himself in the third person. Allow me to do better:

"That's what the garlic and herb blend is." --there. That sounds more efficiently him.

But I know that I DID clarify, "Oh. Pop Pop's Garlic & Herb Seasoning is all the same seasonings as Pop Pop's Oil?" All that. All the words.

And he said--"Basically."


To know Dan is to decode Dan, and this rather non committal "basically" is as close as you're getting to a confirmation.

{Common conversations...
Me: Did you sleep well last night?
Dan: I think so.
Me: Well, you would know if you didn't.

Dan: I'm going to go try to take a shower.
Me: You are a grown man. What is going to stop you from successfully taking a shower?}

My point is...all I can give you is "basically" but that is as good as a yes from a man who makes a peculiar habit of never actually committing to a sentence.

So if you "basically" love the flavor of Pop Pop's Olive Oil, don't forget you can also get it in a dry seasoning

They are $8 each and "basically" the best thing ever

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