chakra stones: a recipe

In a lot of my writing, I refer to the many chakras throughout the body.  And, that is all fine and good, but my conversations on the matter do tend to assume everyone knows exactly what I am talking about, and to the degree that I do.  I never want to leave people behind in conversation, but I am afraid I do.  I always tell the kids my one simple rule for business: Speak to people as if they already agree with you.  And in the arena of business, that is a pretty sound tactic--it’s also the tactic of a conman, but what is business but an endless con anyway?  I say that tongue in cheek (you would know that if you were standing in front of me), but Dan would call me a snake-oil salesman if he was reading this with you.  He likes to tease me about my hippie-dippie ways and it makes me laugh endlessly and always.  And yet, I certainly never want to squander an opportunity to teach.  So, here we go.  If your information on the chakras is thin on the ground, then let’s have a little lesson, shall we?  And because I am the one telling the story--let’s take the long road.

At the Winter House, we seasonally create something called Orgone Pyramids and prisms.  I say “seasonally” only because you will never find them on the website.  I tried...once.  But it is purely impossible to keep up with demand.  That happens a lot at the Winter House.  The demand for products comes from all ports of call: text, email, Messenger, and the rarest and most beloved of all the mediums: through the website, itself. I constantly try to lead people to the website, so I don’t have to do all the behind the scenes work of counting, changing on hand amounts, creating shipping labels by finding addresses from years ago--but, alas, people are creatures of habit and my presence at the end of people’s fingertips has become their habit.  

{Sigh}.  Maybe someday.  

But with the orgone pyramids, I literally cannot keep up with demand when I post them for sale.  They are sold so fast that it is mind-blowing.  So, I sell them seasonally which means--you may see them at the market; you may see them at the Winter House Open House.  It’s funny--I stand behind every single product I make. 100%, without a single doubt.  But I am always humble about them (I think).  But orgone pyramids at the market?  I think I come off as downright arrogant, but not because I mean to be--I'm just perfectly serious. People stop by my table to see them--drawn by their energy and the illumination of the rays of sunlight which seem to light then from within.  Once in a blue moon, people will say they will come back and decide before they leave the market.  As kindly as possible, I try to tell them the choice will be gone by the time they loop back.  Some people heed my warning, and those who do not?  Let me tell you, that is a bummer of a surprise.  

They are works of art.  Truly, they are.  Each one unique.  Each one calling to a different person in a different way.  And those--these individual, perfectly unique ones are made by Dan.  And those?  Catch them if you can. They are around only when the mood strikes and only for as long as they last.  

But me?  I make a different one--my orgone pyramids and prisms are built around chakra stones.  Each is still unique in its own way-to create the piece you must use a liquid resin and stones take their own path in liquid.  But they share a general commonality in their appearance, in that all Chakra Orgones have the seven chakra stones in them. 

The principle behind orgone pyramids is as simple as it is fantastical, and to occupy space in this idea requires a willingness to believe in something we can’t see--things like love, faith...and wifi.  Let’s start with what we can see--think of a ray of light through a prism.  Light travels through a prism, the light wave fans out and we see a rainbow, correct?  Now, light is a very low vibration thing.  Everything in this world is made up of energy--the things we can see are simply vibrating at a slower frequency than things we can’t see, like energy waves, electromagnetic waves, micro-waves etc.  Other types of energy waves also fan out, or bend, or scatter when they encounter certain things as well--we just can’t see it.  

Enter: Orgone pyramids and cones.  Orgone is simply the name given to a life force energy, like Prana in Indian traditions or Chi in the Asian tradition.  These orgone pieces are made with this concept in mind.  The simplest of orgone pieces are made with a blend of resin, quartz, and metal. Organic materials (resin, quartz) attract and hold orgone (life energy) while non organic materials (metal) attract and repel.  This constant attract and repel motion creates a "scrubbing" of the energy field.  Quartz is a well known mineral which cleans stagnant and negative energy.  To think of the same thing from a different perspective, visualize the feeling of relief in the air after a summer thunderstorm.  The build up of positive ions in the sun and the wind--those great heaving gusts of air and heat, followed by the burst of negative ions with the rain and lightning have effectively “scrubbed” the atmosphere’s energy clean. That sort of “we’ve got spirit, yes we do…” atmospheric, energetic back and forth volley of negative/positive, attract/repel creates a fresh space, clean air, newly purified.  

All orgones pyramids also have a wire-wrapped piece of quartz at their center.  It is known that quarta lets off a charge underpressure.  At the center of the pieces, as the resin cools from a 250 degree liquid to a room temperature solid, the quartz becomes perennially under pressure.  This creates the presence of a charge that is always accessible, always able to instigate that scrubbing effect.  That scrubbing has many outcomes, such as:  neutralizes device radiation, harmonizes bio-energy, purifies atmosphere, improves mood, increases plant growth, and more.

In my Chakra Orgones, I still keep the organic/inorganic ratio to 50/50 (you have to), but I substitute more stones, and less resin.  The stones I incorporate?  Balancing Chakra stones.  These stones are added in by layer over the course of about a week’s time.  This is not a meticulous process, but it is one that cannot be rushed.  The stones, color, and metal are all folded in over time in a certain order.  As far as choosing the stones?  There is no need to be too rigid.  Many stones are considered chakra stones, as their source of their balancing energy comes from the energy waves within the stone, and many stones have the same kinds of energy waves. 

Below, I have provided a list of the stones I most frequently use and their meaning. Is the meaning the most fun?  I absolutely believe so!  Additionally, if you would like to order a Chakra pyramid or prism, I have placed some links at the bottom of the blog.  Please know that all pyramids and/or prisms look the same in general, but--like soap--one cannot control the tendrils of the path of a liquid, so slight variations may exist in the presentations, though not the content. The best we can do is believe whole-heARTedly that art has follows its own path, and what finds its way to you is meant for you.  So, without further ado, a recipe: 

Chakra Orgone Pyramids and Cones:


crown chakra

amethyst: stone of spiritual protection and purification; protects against lower energies

third eye chakra

lapis lazuli: stone promoting better decision making, inner truth, and self expression 

throat chakra

turquoise: protection and healing stone fostering wholeness, serenity, spiritual grounding, awareness of truth. {P.S. When I am feeling apprehensive about a situation or a day, you will ALWAYS find me wearing my turquoise bracelet for protection.}

heart chakra

aventurine crystal quartz: stone of vitality, opens and stimulates heart to healing and stability, soothes emotions

solar plexus chakra

tiger's eye: solar stone of power, personal strength, courage, and will

sacral chakra

carnelian: balance, prosperity, reproduction, creativity, emotional balance

root chakra

red jasper: stone of empowerment, resistance to domination by others, used to cleanse and balance, connectedness to earth,  courage and recovery.

Care and maintenance: Be sure to “charge” orgones every month in outdoor sunlight for about 10 minutes.  If a thunderstorm pops up, origins LOVE the energy of rain--feel free to pop it outside for about 10 minutes.  Piece will “yellow” slightly if stored in direct sunlight.  Indirect sunlight is best.  If your piece rests only in artificial light (also perfectly acceptable--especially since orgones are so beneficial around energy of devices like computers and phones), then “charge” twice a month. 

Chakra Orgone Pyramids come in two sizes: small and large. Chakra Orgone Prisms come in one size.

Small Orgone Pyramids are approximately 2.5" tall and 2.5" at across the base. Click HERE to purchase.

Small Orgone Prisms are approximately 2.5" tall and 2" at the base. Click HERE to purchase.

Large Orgones Pyramids are approximately 2.5" tall and 4" at the base. Click HERE to purchase.

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