coffee house music

~ a repost from one year ago


"Would this be a coffee house playlist song?"

Mag: No. People would have to sing it.

🎶 She says, 'It's cold outside,' as she hands me my raincoat...🎵

Me: Yeah. You're right.

This is an idea we got stuck on yesterday somewhere between Indianapolis and Terra Haute.

Mag: This?
Mags and me: Absolutely not.

Jailhouse Rock. You would never be able to ignore it.

Me: So it's a song you know--but would be able to ignore. You either don't know the words or wouldn't be able to sing them all?
Mags: Yes. It would fade into the background.

Me: Not Summer of '69?
Mags: No. More like, Fly me to the Moon.

Me: Ah. So....
Mags: Dean Martin.
Me: Norah Jones.
Mags: Brandy, You're a Fine Girl.
Me: Midnight Train to Georgia.
Mags: NOT Mr. Blue Sky.
Me: NOT Blame it on the Boogie.

And we laugh and continue driving into the sunset. Literally--it was right in our eyeballs, that setting sun. But these--these are the moments that make up a life, a love, a memory. And today? 16 years worth of them.

This morning, the sun rises on her 16th birthday. Time--it goes by like the miles--so fast. So many memories in every moment that I could not possibly parse through and find my favorite.

Happy day to the finest, most blue sky, most non-fade-into-the background girl I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Raising this girl has been one of the twin honors of my life.

Keep NOT being a coffee house song, love. Always the main character. Never the sidekick. My dear, you were born to spread light--keep shining!

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