dead average

On the back patio...

Me: Your official grades for the year have arrived!
Maggie: Uh.oh.
Me: They're good!
Maggie: Can you read them? {she's painting her nails}

Me: English.....
Me: .....
Me: ....
Me: B.

Maggie: PHEW! Why are you reading them so SLOW?
Me: If you could see the way this document is arranged, you'd understand. French.....
Maggie: A.

Me: Yes. Health--
Maggie: B

We go on like this...until I get to the end and wrap it up with her GPA (Cumulative 3.6)

Me: Your class rank? Out of 417 students you are....
Mags: Oh, lord.
Me: 229. Congratulations, you're--
Mag: Dead average.
Me: Dead average, indeed.

Not even for a second, love. Not even for a second. ♥️

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