five minutes

Last night after dinner, Kiki and I were in search of a snack and she wanted to try the Dots pretzels. I told her they might be too spicy for her, but we sat there, right on the kitchen tile in front of the pantry to give them a go. Me, cross-legged. She in her toddler squat that is the envy of workout people everywhere. 
One after the other, we sat. She got one, I got one. 
"Hmmm..." I said.
"I love them." She said. But this isn't an ad for Dot's pretzels. 
Hailey wandered over and joined us on the floor, so she could change Keeks into her little avocado print pajamas. And she stayed there. Leaned right up against the fridge and joined us.
The sound of Mags trundling up the stairs came soon after. She had just gotten off a Zoom call with the assistant lacrosse coach at a college and Hailey and I wanted to know all about it. 
So Maggie sat down, too. Right there on the tile, and told us all about it. Sunnie wandered over and dug into the pretzel bag as well, while Maggie told us how the coach would like Mags to meet the team. Told Mags she really loves the Lou Fusz program and really thinks Mags would be a great fit for their lacrosse program--something that Mags has been working tirelessly toward for over a year--a shot at being recruited by this school. And nothing is set. But a chance is such a beautiful thing.
Austin and Dan were hunkered over a game of chess with Roman watching. All of us fresh from our round of goodbyes to Will, who had just headed out not ten minutes before.
And it was 5 minutes of my life. Five minutes of my life on the kitchen floor. Nothing grand about our surroundings. Nothing remarkable about the setting. And it hardly registered when it was happening. The warmth of a little avocado bundle in my lap. The genuine sisterly affection between Mags and Hailey. 
And yet. I think I will remember it as one of my favorite moments all of my life. ❤️

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