godspeed, little pug

There is something that happened yesterday. And it was all me. And I am still laughing about it at oh-five hundred hours this morning.
You see, in the dark dreary days of January, the 'month of Mondays' as a co-worker of mine recently termed it, a teacher has got to entertain herself.

And into these dark days of Mondays came Catholic Schools Week. It's next week, and it is a big deal.

And into Catholic schools week there will come a competition wherein we have to choose our favorite dog. And into this competition came a second grade class, and a somewhat weary-of-winter teacher who needed to pick a dog to enter into the competition.

I can't really explain why this was so fun to me..except for two things.
1. Who doesn't love looking at pictures of puppies?
2. And pictures of puppies with small children.

The thing was.
It wasn't really a fair choice.

When I started to tell Maggie the story on the way to PSR she said, "Oh my god, did you make them pick a pug?"

Likewise when I reported it to Dan, he said, "And you made them pick a pug, didn"t you?"

No! I did not! (But I tried.)
(Really hard.)

I just love pugs. They are basically useless, the cat of the dog world. What they lack in Grace they make up for in absolutely nothing. They can't guard anything. They can't run a lap. They can't pull a sled. But my grandpa loved them, and I love him. And those dogs melt my heart. And they make me laugh. And laugh. And laugh.

The thing that I am still laughing about it is that the voting situation I set up was such an obvious attempt to persuade. Twelve pictures of dogs. Pick your three favorite.

And I don't dislike Pomeranians, but I didn't want them to win because everybody loves Pomeranians. So I picked an adult Pomeranian. I don't dislike any dogs with -oodle in their names but everybody likes them, so I picked kind of a mangy picture of a poodle. I just love to root for the underdog--and literally I did not even try for that pun. But there you go.

The dogs I wanted to win, I put pictures of puppies. The ones I didn't? Adult dogs. And the pug picture? It was a puppy. Almost a Glamour Shot. It was sitting on a bench. Blue background. Flowers around it. It could not have been cuter.

And even saying it now, it still is hilarious to me. Am I not a grown adult? Why am I trying so hard to influence small children on something that is basically irrelevant. Have I no maturity? No sense of fair play?

Alas, my plot failed. The pug came in third. And will only be able to serve his reign if other classes have already picked a Golden Retriever. And a German Shephard. But, sigh. It was fun while it lasted. Godspeed little pug. Godspeed.

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