hey, ms. mudd...

Student: Hey. Ms. Mudd? Where did you get that doughnut?
Me: Well, you know? I got it from the copy room.
Student: I dreamed about doughnuts last night.
Me: And here you are...so close and yet so far.

Student: Ms. Mudd? I'm leaving at 2:00 today. I have to go to the doctor.
Me: Okay.

Student: Hey, Ms. Mudd? I think your hair is beautiful.
Me: Thank you. I was standing in the rain and I didn't comb it.
Student: It looks beautiful.
Me: And maybe a little like a bird's nest.
Student: Yes.

Student: Ms. Mudd? It's going to be cold today.
Me: REALLY cold.

Student: Ms. Mudd? I like how they put "soup" in "Souper Bowl" on that sign.
Me: It is pretty cool.

...and that was from 7:30 until 7:35. How was your day?

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