holiday preorders

And so it begins, friends! My favorite (and busiest!) Winter House time of year!

Enjoy a look at all the fun holiday items we have this year. But since "we" is a global term and I am a bit of a one-man-band, Holiday preorders need to open early.

I know it seems early, but for makers it actually is not. Remember that soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure for maximum use time!

Preorders for this holiday season are due by November 15th. Preorders will be delivered/shipped by December 10th.

Think ahead when ordering as well! Remember that after holiday orders are out for delivery, The Winter House closes until February 1st, so I can relax and refresh during my own holiday season❤

Please note that special orders are also welcome (even if the item is not on this menu), just let me know by November 15th as well.

Preorders must accompany a 50% deposit to secure the order. Final payment is accepted at any time, but is due by December 10th.

Thank you all! Happy holidays!

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