it goes on

It's a beautiful day for a graduation! And before you panic--(Maggie is GRADUATING?!?!)--No. She isn't. She is entering her senior year this fall.

But, so, so many of her dearest friends and teammates are graduating today (So many, in fact, that I sort of fear for her little heart. So if you see her, hug her. Even if she doesn't know why you are doing it😬). 

These girls, who have come in and out of the revolving door of our home and our lives for 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 years now. These sweet souls and sometimes fireballs of humanity whom we have come to love so dearly. 
I laugh to think of Joe Sutton--principal extraordinaire--who spoke at Will's graduation from Fort Zumwalt North so many years ago, "If you've ever thought to yourself, 'That Joe Sutton has the voice of an angel. I could listen to him speak for hours.' 
"Well," he smiled as he panned the faces of the crowd. "You're about to get your wish." Such a funny man. And it was nice to laugh on such an emotional and bittersweet day. 
I listened to a great meditation this morning about acceptance. That it's an important skill to accept the moment you are a part of. "But what if the moment you are a part of is sad, or uncomfortable or involves some suffering?" This disembodied YouTube voice asked. Because oftentimes in life, our reality is happening whether we like it our not. "Then you have three choices: You can accept it, you can change it, or you can leave." 

 And if the moment cannot be changed, or would not be left, then acceptance is the only choice. Acceptance of all the feels because to resist it is only to increase suffering. As I often quote to people, "You have to treat grief as a guest. Let it in, and then let it leave."
Because these are beautiful days. But they are only days. Big ones, to be sure. Emotional ones...oh, I do not even look forward to the rise and plummet of this last year in high school on the Mudd horizon. The dwindling of days in this phase of parenting that will culminate with a brand new chapter I do not know if I am ready for. But today's graduation is a mini-feels. A preview for us. A compassion if heart for those who are taking it on the chin. 
But also a guide. And as I watch the myriad emotions today that are surely going to come across my feed and in my mailbox, I will watch as they go forward as well. Forward, through incredible doors ahead. 
Congrats to all of Maggie's darling friends. Cheers to every single lesson and memory along the way. I could not be prouder of all my demi-daughters on this gorgeous day! 
Robert Frost once said, "In three words, I can sum up everything I have learned about life: It goes on." 
And to my young friends, know this: It goes on beautifully.

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