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Maggie and I talk a lot about making what you love. When she first started her company as Muddroom Soapworks, she would ask "Mom? What do you think people would want?"
And I said, "Honey, people want products that you are in love with."

When she reimagined her company, she wanted to include her first love: cosmetics. Thus, Muddroom Soapworks was blessed to rest and MA Cosmetics was born.

For MA Cosmetics she dreamed up a logo born of her other greatest loves.  She wanted to incorporate all that she loves about life and growing up. Serendipitously, her initials are the postal acronym of her favorite state, which combined with an echo of a logo from her most favorite summer memories.

From a community standpoint, important to share the things about yourself that you love. We, ourselves, do this all the time. We share things on social media that we find funny, or charming, or touching.  From a business standpoint, that begins with a lip balm that you like the scent of, a foot salve that you would like to use, an organic facial steam that you adore the scent of as soon as you crack the lid open.

Maggie's newest love...and really her always love... has been cosmetics. This holiday season she launches something she's been working toward for years:  Buildable Cosmetics. A blush that you can add highlight to to make it lighter, or a little bit of bronzer to to make it richer. But as she Rose, and we all know she has so much more growing to do, she has remembered the little girl she was as well. This holiday season she has made a sweet little pack for the youngest girls among us who delight in color and sweetness.

A mesh drawstring baggie filled with a blush, two eye shadows and a lip balm.

For the ladies, she offers the things that she has always made for me and told me how to wear😂

Check out MA Cosmetics at www.littlewinterhouse.com.
This girl is going places!

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