make up a moment

These kids of mine, the children of The Winter House, you can't imagine how funny they are to me. I just have to share...
Last night, Mags and I were in the car and she was talking about acrylic nails. And Mags and me? We have no common cosmetic ground. She loves make up, I avoid it. She wants to color her hair, I have yet to do so. 
In fact, the only make up I wear is the stuff Mags makes for me.

But, I love her. I love her passion. So this girl. She finishes her dialogue about nails and I say, "Hmmmn." Just a sound, one I hope that supports her passion while somehow allowing me to remain ultimately neutral on the subject.

We drive a little further down the road. Then we drive even further.

And I become gradually aware of the fact that she is still staring at my face.

Into the car-silence, she says:

"...is that your 'I'm still thinking about it' face? Or your 'I've already forgotten about this entire conversation' face? Because in case you ever wondered, they are both exactly the same expression."

That is my favorite thing...when the people you love know you well enough to love you right back.

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