orgone pyramids, prisms & cones

Dan has been making these little honeys for me. Has anyone ever heard of this? These orgone pyramids? Sometimes also made in the shape of a cone or prism.

He knows I don't tolerate the profusion of negative device energy all over the place. [Looking at an apple watch gives me the willies--why all those waves directly on your skin? Eek!] The devices, the phones, the iPads...just all of it. Marvelous. And yet. Can't you FEEL it in the air? So much e-smog.

I thank God every day I have a face-to-face job. Student faces in real life. Real live shoppers at the market. Life is for the living, so let's LIVE it.

At any rate, he did the research. It's outstanding. The physics of it, the geometry of a prism to realign, refract, and reorganize energy into something more harmonious.

Orgone is another word (basically) for life force energy. It's known as chi in Chinese, Mana in Polynesian traditions, Prana in the Indian system, and many other names around the world. Orgone converts negative energy to positive.

The way it converts the energy is filled with lots of gigantic terms and ideas, but let me give it to you in layman's terms.

Orgone pyramids and cones are made with a ratio blend of resin, quartz, and metals.

Organic materials (resin) attract and hold orgone while non organic materials (metal) attract and repel. Quartz gives off a charge under pressure, and being trapped inside that resin (which expands as it hardens) puts constant pressure on the quartz. This constant attract and repel motion creates a kind of "scrubbing" of the energy field, while the charge from the crystal cleans stagnant and negative energy.

Orgone pyramids and cones are lauded for doing many things:

☆neutralize EMF radiation (which comes constantly out of those devices)
harmonizes bio energy
increased mood
aid meditation
purify atmosphere
improve plant growth
clear negative energy
☆better sleep

And while I couldn't prove this to you, I can tell you this...with this little baby by my bed I am sleeping. Like, SLEEPING. I don't wake up three times a night and if I wake up once, I fall right back to sleep.

I mean, maybe it's the cold. Cold does activate the natural melatonin in your brain. That much I know. But I am loving this sleep.

And I'm loving the guy who brings me all these funky bits of gypsy-hippie mojo to make me happy.

Stay tuned! I can't wait to try some pyramids in my garden this spring!

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