saint louis & clark

Arrived in Orlando.
Took the shuttle to the baggage claim in Terminal A.
Got the luggage, but NOT...
Not the lacrosse stick.

"If you have arrived from St. Louis..." multiple girl-heads turn, "and need to retrieve your oversized golf clubs and...sports equipment?.. It is ready to be picked up at [indistinct chatter]."

So we wait. The announcement, again:
"If you have arrived from St. Louis...and need to retrieve your oversized...sports equipment?.. It is ready to be picked up at [indistinct chatter]."

We wait. All of Maggie's idiosyncratic impatient behaviors come to the fore.
Will goes to the baggage room/area-thing for Southwest to ask what the critical piece of information in that twice-announced message was.

He returns from the complete opposite direction (after a brief, but total disappearance) with Maggie and her lacrosse stick. Success!

We gather our things.
Go down one more floor to the rental car place. And wait. Some more.

And Will--God love Will and his levity at all times--he says, as we walk "across the street" and "hang a left" to pick up the rental car that we have already signed for-- "Good lord. I don't even think Lewis and Clark did this much work."

~originally posted November 2020

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