slack water

I have been holding some exciting news to myself for a smidge of time. And by "myself" I mean me and about 47 of my closest friends.

I haven't said much only because I'm still so busy and the completion of it doesn't feel like a reality yet. I haven't said much because how do you broach the subject? I haven't said much because there are literally around 9,700 other things on my mind.

When I told my sweet friend Sandy this week, the happiness for me was a bright, bright thing.

"You are an amazing woman, Mona," she said in her endlessly authentic way. "You teach. You write a blog. You run a business. You have a family. And now you've written a book."

To hear the laundry list of accomplishments was a funny thing. So many people do so many of those things. None of them make me any more amazing than anyone else--though I do appreciate the sentiment. 

I think you don't set out to be amazing. And if you do, you likely won't be. I think you set out to be humble. To be kind. To do well by your talents. And if somewhere along the way they inspire or catch fire, well that is lovely.
But, still. It IS exciting. A book. That an honest-to-betsy actual publisher wants to publish--> I am pleased to announce the arrival of "Slack Water" ...due out this May!

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