soapmaking workshops

Soaping is my favorite thing. The lotion? Don't get me wrong--I adore it. It is a quietly contemplative activity, achieving a complete state of flow time. But I love soap making differently. It is a bright time. Active participation. Things that require timing, scent, and color.  It's an art, really. An art that I am so excited to pass along. 
Beginning March, I will be hosting soap making classes one weekend a month (two time slots). Classes are about one hour in length. The price per person is $45. If you sign up or more class slots, the price drops to $35 a person.  Everything is included. Cost includes all supplies.  Just bring yourself! 
Spaces are limited to 6, due to our BFF the pandemic--but also because soap-making is a learning experience that takes time, attention, and--above all--safety. 
Each person will make a loaf of soap which equals roughly ten bars of soap. After the class, I will need to take the loaves with me, let them harden for about 72 hours. Then I will slice them and deliver them back to you. Soap bars should continue to cure for roughly 30 days before use. However, after 72 hours they are safe to use. They just aren't as hard as they could be after only 3 days, so they will not last as long in the shower.
Please note:  Due to variances in supply and soap-making instructions, all classes will make the same kind of soap.  
Interested in a private class?  If you would book a private class with 6 people, the cost is $30 a person. Date and time will be mutually agreed upon...and I can come to you! 
Take a look at the classes I will be offering this spring! I cannot wait! 
🍋Lemon & Poppy Seed Exfoliating Soap
🌿White Lily & Aloe Cold Process Soap
❤Love & Sweets Handmade Soap
🛁Goat Milk & Oats Handmade Soap
💜Cashmere Gentle Skin Soap
🌷Wild Rose Handmade Soap

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