soft reboot

I just have to be a lil' proud of myself for a hot second. I am a sugar lover. Deep down in my BONES a sugar lover. And I do not even care. I love love love me some carbs and some cake. And if medical professionals ever told me I had to give up cheese, I would have to tell  them they can pry it out of my cold, dead hand. That is how much I love to love my snacks.

But. Yesterday, I woke up at 5 am (like I always do) and had me a case of the blahs. The body blahs. Because all that love is heavy, my friends.

So promised myself in the middle of yoga that I was going to set it all down for 48 hours. Just 2 days. No sense in overwhelming myself. But two days of only fruits and vegetables. Nothing else.

And I warned the fam. And the extended fam. "If I am a little foggy, it might be because my body is like: 'Hey! Where did all the cookies go? Where are all the chips?' But I'm doing it anyway. And if I am crabby, I'm sorry."

And friends--I am SO happy to invite my friends salt and chips and meat back into my life tomorrow.  But, also? My body LOVED this. I cut nectarines with a steak knife at dinner like it was meat. I feasted on spinach and green apple smoothies (with almond milk and some protein powder--a girl needs a little 'tein). I also added walnuts and almonds to my salads, so...not ALL fruits and veggies, but you get it. Iced tea. Hot tea. Green tea. Water.

But truly, truly. It wasn't even hard because, you know...what's two days? A blink. A snap. It's not an overwhelming amount of time. It wasn't a total cleanse (no, thank you...hard pass), just a soft reboot. And it has been so lovely that I won't even give up the morning smoothie.

So, that's all. Baby steps. Little bits of progress everywhere. That's where the growth is. That's where we start, right?

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