summer harvest

One of the perks of being a market vendor is that by 11:55 on a Saturday morning--if you happen to be anywhere near an almost sold out produce vendor (who doesn't have a gig afterwards)--you will often-times inherit the goodies that are unsold. This time of year it is PEACHES!

The perks of having a garden out back are that in early spring salad is practically free. This time of year salsa is pulled off the vine (and so are all the makings of basil pesto!) And kale chips are always on the way.

The perks of having a great, grand hill are the almost-pumpkins that will decorate our fall front porch and cooler days like today make me so excited for things to come.

This time of year is when we make our last big supply order for The Winter House, in anticipation of the end of season crescendo that is the Winter House Open House.

We begin to plan for cinnamon and pumpkin products. Brown sugar scrubs. Pine and bayberry-scented soaps. The Winter House is a house with an eye on winter even in deep summer.

Lotions like Blueberry Thyme and Vanilla Mint see a brief spike in sales as people get one last push for the heavy sweetness of summer fruit.

Soon, the market shoppers start to look forward to seasonal scents: Fall Evening, Orange Spice, Candy Cane and Winter Forest.

It's the cycle that I love. The dependable cycle of life and seasons and tides. And in the back of my mind I always have hope.

Hope...that my children remember they were only one or two degrees of separation from the hands that literally fed them. The hands that put the seed in the ground, that picked the fruit from the vine. The hand that made the soap they used, the bath bombs that were always, always a joy, the tea they drank on winter nights, the leaves and herbs that hang, drying, on the line to season our dinners.

This is my dream for every family, really. But I am most delighted to be able to give it to mine.

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