the gifts of winter

Years ago, on Cape Cod, I heard of these Cape Cod bracelets. You may have seen them. An ordinary band, just a thin one, and one silver bead on the top. There was a bit more to it than that, but not very much. They were simple. Commonplace. At the time, there was only one person who made them. This was a long time ago. Before Amazon existed. Before even facebook.

The process for procuring a Cape Cod bracelet was so charming to me. It was quirky, it was unique, it was on the maker's own terms. And I loved that.

It was a process that has been made opaque over time to me, a memory I can't quite grasp clearly...but it was some odd process...like, you went to a shop and you stood in line at a window to buy one. And if he was out of them, he was out of them. And you came back another day. And if he wasn't there, he wasn't there. And if he wasn't open for business, we'll then, he just wasn't.

And the terms didn't budge, because he made as many as he wanted to make. And when he was finished he was finished. And when he wanted to reopen he reopened.

Now, The Winter House was very much born out of our summers on the Cape. Each summer we rented a cottage, and when we spoke of our home in Missouri, we called it "the winter house", as opposed to the summer cottage. And when the time came to pick a name for this cup of comfort that became our family business...well the name was obvious.

And I think the summer roots which grew our lives, and the winter work that became our defining force were very much inspired by this Cape Cod approach to business. This quirky approach to his art.

The Winter House closes every year from The Winter House Open House until February 1st.
Closes. Period.
There is nothing on the website and I will take no orders. But in the quiet of winter, creativity abounds. And like any Cape Cod artist, I will share if I am so inclined.

Until then...enjoy these sweet offerings, when they pop up online, for exactly what they are. Simply a winter offering as I--like all Cape Codders--dream of spring.

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