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The Winter House is proud to introduce the newest collection on our website toolbar--> The Bookstore. 

It seems absurd to me that on these life travels I have managed to amass something as grand as a "bookstore"--and it isn't grand at all.  Actually, it is somewhat humble.  And, honestly--possibly the ramblings of a madwoman. 

But it's not.  I know it's not.  Faking Normal is a memoir, written so long ago that I hardly remember her anymore.  It had a point, an agenda, and an audience. 

But, Slack Water didn't.  It isn't rambling, mad, or otherwise.  Slack Water happened when I placed my fingers on the keys and began to trust the message.  Slack Water came effortlessly to me as my sweet love letter to Love in all its forms. 

And sometimes love looks like duty.  It feels like falling ass-over-elbow on the spiritual concrete, but refusing to stay down.  Sometimes love looks like friendship, loyalty, honor.  Sometimes it's heavy, God knows the weight we bear in the name of love sometimes.  Sometimes love is grief and growth.  Then lather, rinse, repeat. Sometimes love is joy, relief and unconquerable freedom.  

Slack Water matters.  And it is due out in May.  

{Welllllll.....shooting for May. This process is indescribably enjoyable and absolutely foreign to me, so you might need to give little author-newbie me a little grace period.  But I am determined to hit the deadline!}  

Until then, Faking Normal can be purchased through the Bookstore tab of the site and will arrive (signed and everything!) within 7-10 days.  

Slack Water is available to PREORDER through the site and will arrive in your mailbox (signed and everything!) even before it hits bookstores or the farmer's market this spring!)



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