the market menu: a debut

What is the Market Menu? The Market Menu is a new collection listed across the top banner of the Winter House website.  An item can be found on the Market Menu for a variety of reasons. But it's presence is mainly a result of one of four things:
• custom order overstock item
• imperfect item
• limited quantity
Or lastly--
• it's coming to the market with me on Saturday
Market Menus are new each week--because each week I have different surplus products on hand and market-ready!
What is a custom order overstock item?
You see, lots of people order from the Custom Order section. There, you can find all your favorites: whipped body soap, sugar scrubs, bath bombs etc. As well as many kinds of soap.
When someone orders a custom order, I buy all the ingredients/packaging to fill the order. Well....a custom order lot of, for instance, bath bombs is a 4-pk.
But the ingredients/supplies for bath bombs are bought in a larger quantity than what it takes to just make 4 of them. So the rest of them are sold at the market.
The Market Menu is essentially, the overstock from a custom order. I throw them on the website until they are gone, and then that's it.
What is an imperfect item?
Imperfect items are just that--imperfect. It is still the same great product, but maybe the soap color is off, or the label is wrong.
What is a limited quantity item?
Hey. I LOVE trying new things. But not all of them make it to full-time-website status. These are the items I make just for fun, but there are limited quantities.
And since I like to reward my small business market/weekend shoppers--they are usually sold at a discount.
So. That's the scoop. Check out the Market Menu every week this summer!

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