the profoundness of morning

Maggie and I were–

gosh I can’t remember where we were.

In the car? No.

At dinner?


In my room?


Yes, that was it. We had just had a little tiff and were working it out. Both laying diagonally on my big, king-sized bed. The conversation had moved away from our sorrys and flowed into little life things. Somehow we landed on the stars.

I said, “When I get up at 5:00…”

She shuddered. “Ugh. 5:00 am would be the worst!”

I said, “No. No. All day long I communicate with people. Text. Telephone. In person. Email.

“People talk to me all day long. Students. Friends. Coworkers. Parents. And I’m a talker myself as well.

“But at 5:00am, I hold my coffee. I draw back the curtains over the slider in the kitchen. I take in the shape and shadows of the treeline. I track how far Orion has made it across the sky…it used to be there…and now it’s travelled over there. Time. It passes.

“But at 5:00 am, for a little while, it stands still. And there is a profound silence. A hush everywhere. I soak it into my spirit and hopefully I’m a better person because of it.”

Maggie said, “I came out once to go to the  bus stop and the stars were still out. And I looked up…and the stars were everywhere…like this great big universe was right in front of me …”

I said, “See. You’ve felt it too.You can sort of…touch the profound in those moments.”

And this whole conversation? It was nothing but a passing moment. No big deal. Nothing hilarious, or really that important. No clever punchline.

Just me. Mags. And a moment. But don’t I love these moments? Aren’t they the beloved fabric of my life? When-just for a second-we can, together, acknowledge the Infinite.

Happy Saturday, friends.

"the profoundness of morning~ ~ originally published October 29, 2016

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