the secret keeper

I love this new journal from my mom! She, the one who originated my writing habit, gave me my first journal when I was about 8 years old. I think I still have that one. All the ones after it always get offered up. I have this funny little habit of having journals be thought-spaces as well as prayer-spaces. Thoughts turn to prayer, prayer turns to thoughts. Open up a journal you will just as easily find my concerns about upcoming events, my joy in my children and relationships, or a list of people who I think need a prayer. Frequently the two are combined in some sort of slap-shot mental picture that seems disjointed and confusing, like:
"I'm so excited my parents are coming to town next week. Oh, Jackie. Jackie needs a prayer. Mom says she'll be in on Christmas Eve..." but I know what I mean, and the receiver of all prayers certainly knows what I mean. When I am finished with a journal I burn it, oddly enough. Not in any rage or subterfuge--though I do love to jokingly refer to the firepit outside as "The Secret Keeper". It's just that in their final form I want the prayers contained within to be offered up. That's all. It is one of my favorite things to sit on a fall evening, meditate on the prayers within and imagine the intentions flying to their Maker.
But until then...How hilarious is this cover? 

~ originally published December 2019

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