the supremes

Making our dinner plates...

Me: One of the Supremes died today.
Mag: Who?
Me: The Supremes.
Mag: Who?
Me: It wasn't Diana Ross. It was one of the other ones.
Mag: Who is Diana Ross?
Me: The Supremes. You know...🎶Baby, baby...where did our love go?🎵
Mag: Wha--? What are you...?
Me: You know that song.
Mag: No. I don't.
Me: 🎵STOP! In the name of love...🎶
Mag: What are you doing?
Me: I'm looking them up...🎶You can't hurry love...🎶 I know that's one of them...
Mag: Wh...why? WHY do you keep singing?!
Me: One the the Supremes died!
Maggie: Why do you keep saying Supremes?
Me: They are a group!
Mag: A what?
Me: A trio...Music! From the 60s!
Mag: Oh! I thought you meant someone on the Supreme Court.
Me: I....Um, I do not call our sitting Justices "the Supremes"

But, I mean.... I will now.

~originally published February 2021

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