the things you will do

There are days when I stand outside in the back garden at work and talk about blueberry plants,

There are days when I talk to Mom all the way home on my afternoon drive and she sounds so happy that it comes right through the phone and grabs me too,

There are days when I am reminded of a friend far away and just how much she means to me,

There are times I harvest the garden and fill my skirt with late summer cucumbers and tomatoes while Maggie talks to me about her plan for blue roses out the upstairs window,

There are days when a jaunty flurry of fall falling leaves swirl around and dance with  me,

There are days when a friend’s text makes me laugh so abruptly and loudly that it startles the Kindergarteners in the school hallway,

There are days when a friend’s early call brightens my day even more than my beloved cup of coffee.

There are days when I wake up tired, and heavy, and not sure what to do with the day ahead.

And there are days when all the things I love come to answer me.

This. These.

These are the things you will do.

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