the winter house 2023-style!

As a single business women, and a proprietress of The Winter House--a real one-woman show--I struggle to find ways to marry the varying needs of my Facebook family of friends, who mostly utilize the amazeballs "backpack mail" feature of the Winter House, with those who are my Facebook business family, who generally do porch pick up...and all of that happens without the knowledge of my sweet OTHER family, the market family--who need me the most from winter-month-to-winter-month, but who have the least amount of access to me.
Over the years you have seen these challenges as The Winter House has grown into what it needed to be for the people who need it--and for my family as well, who also need it. The Winter House sales were always the push behind Will's school needs and Maggie's lacrosse career. My silent and steady creative partner through this life. And every January, I reassess what is working. And what needs to be better.
And so--on the doorstep of February--WE'RE BACK! And I am excited to say that alllllll of the things I have the ability and time (and inclination😏) to make this month of February have been loaded onto the website. Many feature favorites and also some newbies (Peach Prosecco Body Scrub?? Yes, please!)
The website will share a mutual space with the market crowd and my business members, and my facebook friends--meaning that the pool is the same. That way all of my customers' various needs can be met! Ahhhh...I purely love it!
You can all feel so free to post and comment about what you would like to purchase as I post about it on a daily basis, but know that the count I have on the website is what I have for the month and there will not be any more until the following month. In this way, I can honor all of YOUR favorites, while also making room for my own creativity.  And. Making room for my own time and peace of mind as well. Because that is also important.
Each month, a new "menu" will debut--and I will do my very best to always include the favorites you love! So...tootle on over to the shop on the website and check out ALL I have in store for you! February's website purchases will benefit from a BUY 3 GET 1 FREE automatic discount.
Enjoy! And thank you for always being my friends and customers!

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