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What is rebatch soap?

Rebatch soap is a marvelous little trick soapmakers use that the general soap-buying public may not be aware of...but how fun to learn new things!

First, let me reassure you, rebatch soap IS my regular soap. It isn't sneaky melt-and-pour...which is divine in some specific cases, but it isn't the greatest bar of soap you'll ever use.

Simply explained, it's a plain soap. You make a loaf (or tray) of regular soap. No smell. No scent. Then grate it (like cheese!) and store it for later.

When "later" comes, you measure around 45 oz into a low temperature crock pot and wait. Wait and wait and wait. It's a three episodes of your favorite show kind of "wait". A, cook dinner while you're at it, wait. A, make sure you have something else to do with your time, kind of wait. Because this baby needs to enter gel phase...AGAIN. And gel phase can't be rushed. Gel phase, if rushed--and by "rushed" I mean the temperature is too high--will erupt like the three volcanoes in Alaska right now.

Rebatch soap is great because it has already gone through its 6 weeks of curing while it waited, grated. So it is ready to use immediately. It's even more longer lasting if it waits another week or so--but it is safe to use immediately.

It is a more rustic bar, though, as you can see. This is not the bar you use to do swirls or many colors or anything complicated. It is never fully liquefied, the best we ever get with rebatch soap is sort if gooey-gloppy, so you can't do anything fancy with it. But, still..it has its charm, as you can see.

Our Wildflower Harvest bar soap is made from rebatch soap and I would encourage you to try out this squeaky clean bar of soap! BUT. It's only available in the August Bundle.

The August Bundle is only $22 for 4 handmade soaps and TWO of the four are limited edition.  Wildflower Harvest and  Cashmere Gentle Goat's Milk Soap are exclusive only-available-in-the-bundle soaps...so grab a bundle while they last!

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